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If you’re searching for the best Texas commercial roofing experts then look no further. At Rhino Construction, we offer a complete commercial and residential roofing service that is backed by our Rhino Guarantee. If you need help quickly, visit our Waco Roofing Company page. With our experienced claims specialists and professional roof installers, you can be assured that you will receive a high-level of professionalism and a high-grade roofing system. Below we display photographs of a recent commercial roof we installed and we explain about the process. If you want to contact us today about your Texas commercial roofing contractor needs, then click to our contact us page.

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“My Roof is Leaking!”

The owner of this property contacted us regarding his roof. He mentioned that he had leaks in multiple locations and that dozens of ceiling tiles were water stained. He believed that a recent storm had damaged his roof and asked us provide an inspection. From our thorough inspection we found that there was significant wind damage along with some shingle fractures from hail stones. We shared our analysis with the owner and then assisted him with filing a wind and hail damage insurance claim.

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“The Adjuster Inspection”

“Part of our Texas commercial roofing contractor service includes representing our customers to their insurance company. “Why do I need someone to represent ME to MY insurance company?” you ask. Because believe It or not, some insurance companies aren’t interested in replacing roofs. It costs them money. So, we met with the property owner’s insurance adjuster and proved that the roof had enough damage to warrant replacement. The insurance company approved the claim and the property owner now gets his new roof. If you believe you roof isn’t functional due to storm or structural damage, call us to be your Texas commercial roofing contractor representative.

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“The new roof is installed”

On construction day, we begin by removing the existing roofing materials. We first remove all the existing shingles followed by valley metal, felt, and old flashing. After these materials are removed we begin to inspect the decking for any rotten boards or areas that may have leaks. This roof did have significant decking problems as well as rotten rafters which explained the leaky roof. The old shingles on this roof could not provide protection from storms due to their age and condition. We had to replace four “OSB” decking boards along with two 2”x4” rafters to insure this building would be leak free. We also installed a steel plate under an A/C unit located on the rear slope. Previously, the unit had allowed water to pool on the roof due to it’s structure. This plate would allow for water to flow freely. Our Texas commercial roofing contractor service goes the extra mile to ensure you have a high-quality roofing system.

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“After making the necessary repairs, we began to install the new roof. New flashing is fastened to prevent water from penetrating this gable-style roof. Caulk Is then applied to all flashing and pipe-jacks to insure a water tight structure. Next came the felt, which protects the “OSB” decking by acting as a rain shield. Finally came the new shingles; the owner chose a beautiful 30-Year High-Definition Rustic Black shingle. The shadowing effect of the shingle adds depth and color contrast giving this building a sharp look.

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“Contact Us to be your Texas roofing contractor”

We offer a variety of roofing and construction services for the Waco, North and Central Texas areas. Call us today and let us show you why we are the best Texas commercial roofing contractor.

Note: we offer a complete reference list from our previous clients that used us as their Texas commercial roofing contractor.

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